Amel Bashier
Bandeau Amel Bashier

Plastic artist

Feminine side is dominant in my paintings and therefore I can tell you that I derived threads of my paintings of the woman is without bias can be more inspiring object in the presence of any painter or a poet or a writer, it is a world of feelings world of the strengths and weaknesses of cruelty and compassion and all the emotions the various.

Women in my paintings at the top of femininity and motherhood also find his I like to give the women in my paintings place and the position I am proud of ancient Nubian kingdom.

The women in my paintings influenced by the multiplicity of the assets to which I belong, I belong to a muli culture of the Nuba tribes in northern Sudan also belong to tribes Beja in eastern Sudan as well belong to the outside of the Sudan, India., Influenced my paintings so you will find women in some paintings combed her hair braids as Beja or Nuba tribes and also the way in uniforms worn and decoration influenced civilization Persian, Hindi. In the opinion of escape artist to paint in black and white from the noise of the colors or ascetic in colors I also think that the drawing in black and white is a challenge for the artist only two colors white space is all possible to innovate plate on the measure of beauty and persuasion for himself and for the recipient .. because I feel that I draw a period of time its predecessor is time-bound to serve the black and white idea.