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Eleanor Lakelin
Bandeau Eleanor Lakelin

Maker in wood

Eleanor Lakelin is a British artist creating sculptural objects in wood. Her distinctive forms are developed in response to the passage of time etched into the fibres of the material. Eleanor explores her fascination with the natural properties and possibilities of wood using a traditional woodworking lathe and centuries-old chisels and gouges alongside modern sculpting techniques and tools.

By peeling back bark Lakelin reveals the organic chaos that can exist in the material itself or builds up layers of texture through carving and sandblasting. «I use the vessel form and surface pattern to explore the layers and fissures between creation and decay, the erosion of nature and our relationship to the Earth.»

Eleanor’s work is exhibited internationally and included in numerous prestigious private collections. In May 2017 her solo show ‘Rhythm of Time’ in Stockholm was opened by the British Ambassador to Sweden.  She is the recipient of notable awards and commendations and most recently was the winner of the British Wood Awards 2017 (Bespoke Category) for her installation ‘Time and Texture’ at Forde Abbey. She lives and works in London.

«I want my pieces to be solid enough to touch because I think that by handling something we engage more and are taken to a new level of experience. I think that’s why I’m so interested in texture, both the natural texture of burr and texture created by carving and sandblasting, all of it serves to reveal the passing of time, it draws us in to look more closely.”

Forthcoming Shows

NOMAD Monaco  |  27 – 30 April  (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

Makers Stories  | 9 May (Talk, Cockpit Arts / London Craft Week)

Dia.Log: Portland  |  14 – 17 June  (AAW)

Open Studios  |  15 – 17 June  (Cockpit Arts)

Masterpiece London  |  28 June – 4 July   (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

Latest News

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