Harald Fernagu
Bandeau Harald Fernagu

Harald Fernagu was born on the 21st of August 1970 in Cherbourg. He states that his need for creation and expression stems from his encounters with individuals, and from social and political situations, directly linked to his present.

The 17 years spent in the Emmaüs community in Dijon, has rendered his artistic approach singular, militant. During exchanges, the other person’s words are sometimes inaudible, lacking consequences.

The expression that informs is in our attitude, our behavior, and our delays, which force us to move in order to be heard.

Our consumer society moves forward in such a frenzy that our sluggish bodies struggle to keep up. Yet, it is through our bodies that we experience reality.

Art is therefore the best tool for investigation as it is by definition mutagenic, and solicits our entire body. His range of tools is therefore constituted by bodies, (his and his spectators’), volumes, documentary pictures, objects, Dadaistic impertinence, handiwork and patience. His work is always presented to his spectators with spontaneity, albeit the endless analytical process and the countless hours that go behind each piece. Time, precious to all, is part of the piece of Art, gifted to us, so that we may escape this frantic world

News :

2018 My colonies, Montulé-Maison des arts. Art center, Dreux France.

2017 Sans tambour ni trompette, art center Le Parvis, Pau, France, curator Julie Crenn.

2017 Art fair, Révélation, Grand Palais, Paris, Galerie Polaris.

2017 My colonies, the underside of masks Marseille, at the artist Patrick Raynaud.

2017 Make truth great again Galerie Jousse entreprise Paris

2017 Une collection 3 Frenchart.

Agency Paris 2017 Miam Sète (modest art museum). En toute modestie, curator Julie Crenn

2017 Amicalement vôtre – Gallery of the art school of Belfort, France.

Solo show 2016

My colonies. Galerie Polaris

2013 Le second secret de Pénélope Projet Ulysse, Marseille capitale européenne de la culture

2013, Frac Lanquedoc Rousillon, Museum of Vaison la Romaine, France.

2013 Pièce à Conviction n°2, juin art center 360 m3, Lyon, France.

2012 Une Promenade Commande in public space, Dijon, France.

2012 Pièces à conviction GalerieofMarseille.

2009 les tribulations d’un curé de campagne Galerie Martine et Thibault de la Châtre, Paris.

2008 Faust connection, GalerieofMarseille. 2007 Eldorado, Galerie Iconoscope, Montpellier.

2006 Eldorado, Esox Lucius, Ligny en Brionnais, France.

2004 The cheater, gallery of the Bureau des compétences et désirs, Marseille Mémoire d’une université : Presque un Miracle, cultural center of the University of Bourgogne, Dijon.

2003 Hubert saves the France, University of Bourgogne, Dijon (résidence) Les Carabiniers, Chapelle des Capucins, Aigues-Mortes Les Carabiniers, art school, Montpellier Save the France, Galerie du Triangle, Rennes

2002 Bear hunters, Galerie Moser, Genève, Swiss Les Jouets qui traînent, Art school, Toulouse

2001 Manoir de Coligny, Genève, Swiss.

2000 Galerie Iconoscope, Montpellier. Galerie 22a, Barcelone, Spain.