Pedro Correa
Bandeau PCorrea

Fine art photography

Born in Madrid in 1977, Pedro Correa moved to Brussels where he studied oil painting and comic art at the Brussel’s Royal Academy of Arts in parallel with a PhD in image processing at the University of

Engineering in Louvain.

In his artistic development Pedro Correa soon became fascinated by photography and the possibility to capture poetic and fragile moments, where beauty comes out naturally without being manufactured.

Clearly influenced by his impressionistic painting background (his mother also being a painter), his style was born by experimenting with ways of injecting the emotions of impressionism into the «decisive

moment» of photography, without manipulating or digitally retouching the image.

All his shots are love songs to a universal city, and strive at studying the place (and often solitude) of urbanites: their relationship both with others and with the city itself.

His works has been exhibitied in solo exhibitions in London, Washington DC and Basel.

Excerpt from The Washington Post review, by art critic Mark Jenkins: 

«The pictures from his “Urban Impressions” series depict multiple cities on several continents. A Madrid-born Brussels resident who trained as a painter, Correa hops from London to Tokyo to Paris. Wherever he goes, it seems, he avoids the eyes of the people he observes. He’s a poet of urban isolation, or at least non-connection.»

Excerpt from interview for Villas Magazine, by Kunty Moureau

«When approaching Pedro Correa’s work, one must go beyond what lies in plain sight in order to appreciate the mission he has undertaken: to reveal the beauty of cities where it is least apparent. What he calls «impressionistic photography» is a moment of truth that cannot be grasped at first sight.»

Excerpt from interview to Agenda Magazine, by Kurt Snoeckx: 

«Photography is Pedro Correa’s way of attesting to the city’s attraction: “All my pictures are love songs to the city. Not any particular one, but rather the universal idea of a city. It’s my perception of the city that I want to show, the feeling rather than an actual picture.»

Selected Exhibitions:

Pedro Correa’s works have been exhibited in galleries of Singapore, Hong Kong, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, London, Antwerp and Brussels.


Solo Show, September, Artelli Gallery (Antwerp, BE)

Group Show, August, Art Unity Gallery (Knokke, BE)

Solo Show, April, A|Proof Gallery (Washington DC, USA)

Art Fair, May, AAF Hampstead, French Art Studio (London, UK)

Art Fair, March, AAF Battersea, French Art Studio (London, UK)

Art Fair, February, AAF Brussels, Art Unity Gallery (Brussels, BE)

Group Show, January, Artelli Gallery (Antwerp, BE)


Group Show, Artelli Gallery (Antwerp, BE)

Group Show, Jewish Museum of Belgium (Brussels, BE)

Solo Show, French Art Studio Gallery (London, UK)

Art Fair, AAF Hong Kong, Art Platinum (Hong Kong)

Art Fair, AAF London, French Art Studio Gallery (London, UK)

Group Show, French Art Studio Gallery (London, UK)


Art Fair, AAF Hamburg, French Art Studio Gallery (Hamburg, GE)

Group show, Winton Capital Head Quarters London, (London, UK)

Group Show, French Art Studio Gallery, (London, UK)

Group Show, Art Unity Gallery (Knokke, BE)

Art Fair, AAF London, Art Platinum Gallery, (London, UK)

Group Show, Leopold22 Gallery, (Knokke, BE)

Group Show, Artist’s Proof Gallery, (Washington D.C., USA)

Group Show, Spot U Art Gallery, (Brussels, BE)

Art Fair, L.A. Art, Vogelsang Gallery, (Los Angeles, USA)

Notable Private Collections:

Winton Capital | UK

Edouard Vermeulen – Natan | BE

Hirsch & Vanhaelst | BE

Among many other international private collectors