Marik Korus
Bandeau Marik Korus

Sculptor / ceramist

In a vast workshop, calm and bathed in the light of Charente Maritime, the creations follow each other with great attention to go further in the search for rigor, in volume, in the rich made in risk taking on the challenge to porcelain. The meaning of this quest has been to always offer more to the observer. Each look, he discovered a new element, a different interpretation of his reading, perhaps just to question regarding the technical realization.

Rounded shapes, further, in all curves have a family resemblance, but each has its own character. Their adornment elements make them unique. A work of meticulousness and patience gives each piece its richness. The hours spent modeling the clay give birth to incredible membranes, pipes, waves, crumpling, almost breathes, a poetic wandering in the white purity of porcelain…


2017 ARTCURIAL « WHITE OCEAN » en association avec Simone PHEULPIN

2017 Ateliers de Paris exposition HYPER-NATURE pour les Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art

2016 Salon Maison & Objet Septembre

2015 Salon Révélations Grand Palais Paris 8ème

Salon Résonance(s) Strasbourg 67

Galerie Lionelle COURBET Paris 7ème

Galerie UN VENT NOUVEAU La Baule 44

2014 Galerie Monod Paris 15ème

2013 Galerie Etienne De Causans avec Who’s Who Art International

2010 Viaduc des Arts Paris 12ème