Eberhard Grames


Eberhard Grames, born 1953 in Germany, studied ethnology and art history before starting as a freelance photographer.

Since 1975 he travelled all continents in search of the strange and the ugly and worked especially on dying cultures, still lifes and portraits. His work has been exposed in Europe, the USA, Japan and is represented in private and public collections.

In 1991, his portraits of Eastern Europe photographed on 8×10 inch negative had been exposed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Since 2005 Grames is realizing his work in various collage techniques.

Books selection :

1984 American Nights (a neon adventure in US remote towns)

1988 Japanese Impressions (introducing Japan by its fundamental art work)

1991 Muschelherz und Finkenschlag (decadent still-lives on 8×10 inch)

1993 The Ballad of Rita Tushingham (an 8×10 inch reportage on youth and age)

1994 Wrecks and Other Beauties (Portraits and snow landscapes)

1995 Broken Spirits (Black and White still-lives on 8×10 inch)

2006 Lettres perdues (Collages from Brittany)

2008 La salle des mots perdus (the mystery of fetal human abnormity)

2012 White Hokkaido (snow images from Japanese island Hokkaido)

2013 Radio Songs (mystic collages on the wire)

2014 Mirror Works (recomposing personal travel souvenirs)

2015 Frozen minds (plastified moments betreen Shanghai and L.A.)