Sculpture (Artist collective)

MSHA (pronounced “M Sha”) is a duo formed by visual artist Aude Herlédan and sculptor Stéphan Meyrueix. Stephan is a French Companion of Duty. During his five years of companionship, he was able to master his craft. After his tour of France, he received numerous awards, including the title of Vice World Champion stone cutter and the Grand Jury Prize for Contemporary Creation at the 2009 SEMA.

Their common artistic approach is inspired by the spontaneous drawings of Aude Herlédan who does the first sketches. A creative dialogue starts while they draw four hands. Aude produces models, then Stephan takes over the project in his studio. At this stage, the ancestral knowledge of the size of the marble meets contemporary inspiration. The dialogue between the two artists is continuous. The clean lines are punctuated by sensual curves. Inspiration is maternal, marble symbolises the origin of the world. The Greek word “marmaros” meaning “shining stone” makes sense when the eye seeks the feel of the touch, as an invitation to discover the elegance of forms through the silky polishing. Each work is unique.