Tirages numérotés sur 10, signés par l’artiste, accompagnés d’un certificat d’authenticité.
Formats : 40×30 cm et 60×80 cm




Appartement à Paris

1/ Describe your confinement in 3 words
Sun, music and sport

2 / Who / What did you miss the most?
What I missed the most is not being able to go to a club anymore. No longer being able to play for an audience, happy to come and dance and enjoy their freedom of movement. Not being able to see my friends anymore and make them happy by making them dance the night away !

3 / What was the thing you found the worst during confinement?
Not being able to meet people physically. Having to develop one of the social interactions only by internet.

4 / Did & How the confinement changed you?
It allowed me to work on my musical productions without being stressed by time. I was much less tired and very inspired!
I see life totally differently. I am much calmer and more composed than before.