Black Venus


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Black venus
by Aude Herlédan (1966-)

French painter/sculptor

Sculpture in bronze with 19th c. transparent patina,
No.5/8 - Avangini Art Foundry,
Monogrammé AH
Dimensions: H 30 x L 25 x l 24 cm
11,8 x 9,8 x 9,4 inches
Executed in : 2015

Aude Herlédan was born and now lives and works in Paris. After studying at l’école Estienne (National school of Art - Paris) and receiving an award at Parsons School, Aude spent her formative years travelling and exploring all parts of the world from Africa, South America to USA and Europe. Upon her return to Paris, she studied at l’école des Beaux Arts. The works chosen for this series and indeed her artistic identity as a whole, reflect her open-mindedness to broaden her horizons and encounters.

We encourage you to visit Aude Herlédan’s artist website at where you can discover more of her pieces.