Giovanni et Carlos

Tirages numérotés sur 10, signés par l’artiste, accompagnés d’un certificat d’authenticité.
Formats : 40×30 cm et 60×80 cm



Giovanni and Carlos
Artist and Journalist
Apartment in Barcelona, Spain.

1 Describe your confinement in 3 words
Gio: Creative, serene, positive.
Carlos: Enriching, motivating, peaceful.

2 - Who / What did you miss the most?
Gio : Walking and running around the city.
Carlos: Outdoor running.

3 -What was the thing you found the worst during confinement?
Gio : Uncertainty
Carlos : Being far from my dear ones (friends and family).

4 -Did & How the confinement changed you?
Gio :Yes. Rethink of the real values of our society.
Carlos :Yes. Prioritize important things in our life.