Jochen Wolfes & Jürgen Weber

German collective – Photographer / Artist


The photo artist Jochen Rolfes and the artist Jürgen Weber and have been working together since 2010 on Bodymerge, their joint project. Photos are created out of doors, in studios and in exceptional places.

The theme “Integration” plays an important role in their work. The models absorb colour, shape and structure of their surroundings in such a way that they seem, in a surreal manner, to blend into their environment. This blending in is made possible by the painting of the models with monitor pictures. The camera view finder is projected onto a monitor so that the model can be integrated from a definite viewing angle and in this way an exact viewing point for the observer is defined.

The basic idea for the individual motives is developed during intensive discussion between the two artists. The combination of Jürgen Weber’s experience as a sculptor, painter and designer and Jochen Rolfes’ photographic eye for photo construction and design as well as position and body language of the models, provides the decisive, cognitive moment for the creation of the photos.


Artiste photographe depuis 20 ans, il vit et travaille à Düsseldorf. Il met en scène des gens comme les « objets centraux » face à l’objectif. Il fait usage d’une «plage de zoom» pour composer ses images comme des tableaux pleins d’émotions. Il est perfectionniste, il affectionne particulièrement les photographies  avec une netteté accentuée, une grande brillance, en mettant l’accent sur les détails importants. Toutes ses compositions sont très graphiques, les plans se confondent, pour offrir une lecture subtile. Jochen Rolfes est le photographe de nombreuses personnalités allemandes.

1964 born in Dortmund, Germany

1986 -1990 architectural study in Aachen and Dortmund, Germany since 1991 independent advertising and corporate photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany

since 2010 BODYMERGE – Project with JÜRGEN WEBER, Düsseldorf, Germany

working for:

german and international advertising agencies,

picture agencies,

publishing companies,

german and international companies

publications in german and international magazines.

photogaphy exhibitions in advertising agencies,

trade exhibitions, Galleries, photokina, townhalls


1952 born in Düsseldorf

1968 apprenticeship as a goldsmith

1970 production of Salvatore Dali‘s scuplture

 «Beatrice» as a bronze cast

1982 first bronze cast artworks

1983 first exhibitons

1988 recognition as an artist due to Prof. Lewandowski (Cologne)

Exhibitions (extract)

– Moscow olympic stadium, Patras/Greece citymuseum, Malta Bienale / Italy, ART4 and ART5

– Art exhibitions in Nuremberg, art club Oberhausen, Dresdner Bank Königsallee, Art Multiple

– Düsseldorf, EUROWELT Dresdner Bank, Tempra Museum Malta, Artsymposium in Radolfzell,

– Sculptureinstallations on Bali / Indonesia.

Artevents (extract)

EAST-WEST Performance on Moscow‘s Red Square, TEMPLE OF PAIN Performance at the Rheinterrassen in Düsseldorf, UP UP AND AWAY Performance for Lufthansa, DEEP BLUR Performance during the ART MULTIPLE, Performance for the Gallery Blau in the Countymuseum « Volk & Wirtschaft », Performance for the german « Deutsche Telekom AG » in Munich.

Remittance work (extract)

KUNST AM BAU for the Karstadt building in Gelsenkirchen, Memorial tablet Löbbecke Museum, CHANCE OF PEACE bronze cast for the president of UNICEF, MOBILE SCULPTURE for the IKK, TWO SNAKES bronze cast for the entrance hall of the « Ärztehaus » in Hamburg,SPORT-ARTTROPHY bronze cast for the sport gala Düsseldorf, HEAVEN IS HERE bronze cast for the 50th UNICEF anniversary, ARTAWARD bronze cast for the für B.A.D., artinstallation for the100 years OPEL gala, BUDDY PROJECT sculpture for the ministry of transport, award for the Kultursalon – Düsseldorf, « We are moving Worlds » by BAYER AG, artfittings for OTTO BITTNER, PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS AWARD. Artwork