Jean-Louis & Aude Herlédan
Art lovers Aude and Jean-Louis Herlédan have their gallery in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. They wanted to share their passion and meet new artists. They are not only art dealers, but also collectors and patrons of contemporary art. The 1831 Art Gallery has another particularity: Aude is primarily a visual artist who exhibits her own work. The gallery organizes themed exhibitions – artistic projects designed with permanent artists and friends.
The 1831 Art Gallery first and foremost exhibits contemporary artists, with a particular focus on younger artists. But it is not unusual to come across a Charchoune, a Calder, a Miro or a Picasso drawing…
The 1831 Art Gallery is connected to several foundations and exhibits artists from all over the world, in partnership with an international network of friends’ galleries.

OPENING TIMES : 1831 Gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 1pm ans 2pm to 7pm.

Coming to the 1831 Art Gallery: 1831 Art Gallery is located at 6 Rue de Lille in Paris, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche. Rue de Lille runs along the Musee d’Orsay. It starts on the eastern side by the INALCO building (the former National School of Oriental Languages) at the corner of Rue des Saint-Pères, then it extends westward to the National Assembly. Many artists and personalities have lived there. Max Ernst, the American writer Richard Wright, Prosper Mérimée, Karl Marx and Stendhal all used to spend time in this neighbourhood.

Facing the 1831 Gallery are two important addresses: – At 5 Rue de Lille is where the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan practiced from 1940 up until his death in 1981. He often dined at La Calèche, which is still one of the best restaurants in the area (Philippe’s phone number is 01 42 60 24 76).

– At 7 Rue de Lille is the Librairie 7L, founded in 1999 by Karl Lagerfeld, to celebrate his love of books. This is one of the best art bookshops in Paris, specialising in photography, interior design and architecture. The Librairie 7L also offers a wide range of fashion catalogues and monographs – haute couture, textiles, jewellery.

There are also catalogues of major international exhibitions, as well as books published by Karl Lagerfeld as author or editor under the brand 7L. “Paper is my favourite material in the world. It is the starting point for a drawing and the culmination of a photo” – Karl Lagerfeld


  • Metro

– St-Germain Des Prés / Rue du Bac / Solferino (exit rue de Lille)

  • Train

RER C – Musée d’Orsay (on the right bank Palais Royal / Musée du Louvre)

  • Bus:

– The Pont du Carrousel stops 95-39 / Quai Voltaire – L 68-69 stops Pont-Royal / Quai Voltaire

  • Car park

– St-Germain: facing 171 Boulevard Saint-Germain – 75006 Paris – Montalembert 9, rue Montalembert – 75007 Paris

  • Station Vélib ‘

– No. 70/05 Rue du Bac / Bd Raspail – No. 70/06 Quai Voltaire – No. 70/07 facing 67 rue de Lille – No. 60/08 rue Saint Benoît