Isabelle Boccon-Gibod
Bandeau I. Boccon-Gibod


Isabelle Boccon-Gibod first made collages and installations as if using a formal language to solve an internal puzzle or uncover some unknown. She turned to photography in her thirties as a means to keep a trace of her installations. She studied in Brussels and within a few years photography became her main mode of expression. Photography is constantly held in tension by two forces: one is pulling some outside inside and other one is pushing some inside outside. Isabelle Boccon-Gibod’s photography plays on this tension – at times seriously and at times, like here, for fun.

Born in 1968; lives and works in Paris.

 Works shown and published:
2006    20 minutes de Bonheur – feature documentary film jointly directed with Oren Nataf

2006    Finland-Atlantic – views taken from a finnish oil-tanker crossing the Atlantic ocean
(Daniel Perahia, Bruxelles)

2008    Au Péage – views from the inside of a highway tollbooth
(Daniel Perahia, Bruxelles)

2008    11 minutes Atlantic – video
(Festival « Côté Court », Pantin)

2010    Siberian Perspectives – views from a pulp and paper mill
(Door Studio, Paris)

2011    Acting Out – vidéo – walking through Jerusalem
(Haïfa Muséum)

2012    Fors Intérieurs – portraits of mathematicians
(Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris ; ed. Léo Sheer)

2014    Sous les Ponts, Paris – Paris bridges from under
(Galerie Nabokov, Paris ; ed. Verlhac)
2015    The pictorial temptation in the digital age – essay
(Camera, no. 11/12)