Amélie Baudin

Painter and ceramist
Lives and works in Paris

Trained at the Villa Arson and at the Decorative Arts School in Strasbourg, she began using her skills to work for major fashion houses and to create new concepts as a creative director.

Since 2008, when she founded the Officina studio, she has been developing a multi-disciplinary approach in France and abroad: from creative direction to set design, from curation of art and objects to building bridges between countries, cultures, skills and artists to create unique objects and atmospheres.

Her keen eye for the world around her, and her concept of the artistic gesture as a continuation of that environment, have naturally led her to return to free artistic creation and know-how, expressing herself through sculpture.

She oscillates between art and design, finding a privileged field of exploration in clay, but without defining herself as a ceramist.

With curiosity and instinct, she freely explores the material without typology or scale, creating unique pieces with a sensual, organic vocabulary.

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