Alexandra Laroche

French painter
Lives and works in Paris
Alexandra began her career as a model maker; creative and eclectic, she soon took up painting on porcelain and began creating ephemeral decorations as well as interior design in Milan.
At the same time, she drew on her experiences in Africa, on the shores of the Mediterranean in Marseille and in Italy, where she developed her painting of colours and materials.
Alexandra first practised on her own before joining Jean Arcelin’s studio, then Edgar Salien’s, after a break to treat her multiple sclerosis.
Her work is a plunge into images that illustrate evanescent memories that she paints with a knife. She paints her emotions, often translating them into subtle, colourful mise en abyme in which the notion of time disappears. Here, there are no curves, lines or absolute tones; she plays with distances and colours to suggest the meaning of the paintings, which she leaves us free to interpret.
She has taken part in exhibitions in France and abroad, and her work can be found in many private collections.

The Metamorphosis series:

Immersed in a meticulous exploration of Bordeaux’s submarine base, Alexandra Laroche was captivated by an unexpected singularity: concrete. In the heart of this austere environment, she discovered a changing beauty, a striking perspective, a constant metamorphosis.

Each time she visited this extraordinary place, Alexandra was confronted with a constant revelation. The material, usually perceived as immutable, revealed a visual kaleidoscope in perpetual evolution. Concrete, once static and cold, was continually metamorphosing, revealing infinite variations. Every hue, texture and consistency changed with the hours and the seasons, offering each viewer a captivating new facet.

Driven by this discovery, Alexandra felt an irrepressible need to capture this transformation through art. The five paintings on display here are the fruit of this exploration, each a captivating snapshot of the metamorphosis of matter at different times of the day and the seasons. Each canvas bears witness to the perpetual evolution of substance, capturing the changing magic of textures, colours and shapes, revealing a new perspective on the life hidden within raw materiality.

This artistic exploration manifests itself through a singular technique: the use of oil on canvas, skilfully combining knives and brushes. The knives represent the brutality of the material, revealing its asperities and complex nature, while the brushes offer a contrasting softness, soothing the surfaces and highlighting the more subtle dimension of this artistic transformation.

This series, conceived as a pictorial odyssey through time and seasons, reveals the very soul of inanimate matter, magnified by Alexandra Laroche’s captivating eye.

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