French sculptor, visual artist

Harald Fernagu was born on 21-08-1970 in Cherbourg.
“It is by meeting individuals, particular social or political situations, directly linked to my present, that I feel the best need to create, to express, to question. The 17 years spent in the Emmaus community of Dijon will make my artistic approach singular, militant.
In the exchange, the word of the other is sometimes inaudible, the words without consequences. The expression which informs is built then of attitudes, behaviors, shifts masking which, to be heard, oblige us to move of ourselves. Our society of tools, products and images advances frantically, the slowness of our bodies hardly to follow. It is however through our body that we feel the real. Art is the best tool to investigate this world we live in because it is by definition mutagenic and solicits the whole body. My palette of tools is thus constituted of bodies, mine and that of the spectator, of volumes, documentary images, objects, of practice resumed from the popular arts, of Dadaist impertinence, of tinkering and patience. »

His works are always open to the viewer in a great spontaneity although each is the result of a long process of analysis, multiple decisions and many hours of work. Time, precious to everyone, is here constitutive of the work, offered to the spectator to better meet and communicate, far from the frenzy of immediacy.

Harald Fernagu’s work is presented in numerous galleries and institutions in France and abroad.

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