Marc Guéret

lives and works in Bourgogne

At the age of 21, he met a photographer who taught him advertising photography. After this crucial meeting, he discovered his profession, his passion. Quickly, the portrait seems to him essential, the essential reportage, the necessary art, unlimited photography… It will be necessary to be versatile.
First travel proposal and first contact with documentary photography in 1999 (Street children in Senegal).

This will be followed by 15 years of alternating between advertising and reporting. Two worlds that will sometimes mix in campaigns for great causes (order in Syria, the Telethon, the fight against cancer, report in the Perce-Neige Houses, campaigns for the fight against cystic fibrosis, report on the homeless in Paris, campaign for the acceptance of disability in companies…).

He continues to work in the ideal and imaginary world of advertising while photographing the reality that surrounds him and developing a more artistic photographic approach. A work centered on human matter and the great universal themes that touch him. Love, death, fragility… A confidential work, because it is essentially intended for his eyes. The one he wears every morning on his condition as a man doomed to disappear. His guard against vanity, the safeguard of his integrity.

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