Marik Korus

French ceramist and sculptor

In her vast workshop, calm and bathed in the light of Charente Maritime, each of Marik Korus’ creations show a desire to pursue a search for rigour, for volume. It is the risk that comes with taking on the challenge of porcelain. The meaning of this quest has always been to offer more to the observer. With each observation, she discovers a new element, a new interpretation, perhaps just pertaining to the technical realisation of her work.

The rounded, ample, curvaceous shapes all have a family resemblance, but each has its own character. Their ornaments of elements make them unique. Marik Korus’ meticulous and patient work gives each piece its richness. The hours spent in the workshop shaping and grinding the clay give birth to incredible membranes, tubes, waves, which crumple, almost blow, a poetic wandering in the white purity of the porcelain…

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