Monika Debus

German ceramicist

The artistic ceramic works of Monika Debus move silently between abstraction and representation while balancing on the cusp of painting. Their primary strength lies in a basic universal vocabulary. Combinations of simple forms spontaneously painted with elementary signs evoke a multitude of associations as individual entities. A special salt glaze finish gives the surface of the works a subtle depth which enhances their originality as well as their mystical aura. The metaphors of bodily movement and form, represented in her ceramics, are a looking glass into a unique and intimate cosmos to the viewer.

Monika has received numerous international awards and has been exhibiting her creations all over the world since 1993. Her work is included in the collections of many museums:
– Landesmuseum Landshut, Rudolf Strasser Collection
– Taipei Ceramic Museum, Taiwan
– Ceramic Museum of Mino, Japan
– Emslandmuseum, Schloß Clemeswerth, Sögel
– Neue Pinakothek Munich, New Collection
– Grassi Museum, Leipzig.”    

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