Sculptor / Painter

David Nal-Vad is a Franco-Gabonese visual artist, born in 1954 in Paimpol (Brittany). He defines himself as a cultural vagabond, a WCF, a ” Without Culture Fixed” artist.

His work is a dialogue between pleasure, sensuality, seriousness, humour and love.

His powerful work is inspired by the world. His blending characteristic is the decryption key. By breaking the dogma and emancipating himself from the rules, Nal-Vad lives his art with passion. In sculpture, he likes the carnal side and to divert materials.

His works tell stories; he finds inspiration in African primitive representations. He is in himself a synthesis which reconciles “two bloods.” During the last 30 years, more than 80 exhibitions have been devoted to him.

Coming soon, his incredible enlightened Ex-voto (real miniature installations).