Sculptor / Painter
Living and working in Brittany

David NalVad is a Franco-Gabonese visual artist, born in 1954 in Paimpol (Brittany). He defines himself as a cultural vagabond, a WFC, a “Without Fixed Culture” artist.

His work is a dialogue between pleasure, sensuality, seriousness, humour, and love.

His powerful, sometimes provocative work is inspired by the world. His crossbreeding is the key to decoding his work. By breaking the dogma and emancipating himself from the rules, Nal-Vad makes his art with passion. In terms of sculpture, his themes are mostly carnal, and he likes to misappropriate materials. His works tell stories; he is mostly inspired by primitive African representations. He is himself a synthesis that combines “two bloods.” Over the last 30 years, more than 80 exhibitions have been devoted to him.

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