Yang Wang

Tirages numérotés sur 10, signés par l’artiste, accompagnés d’un certificat d’authenticité.
Formats 45 x 30 cm ou 80 x 60 cm

I am, you are, it is, we are, you are, they are confined, galleries and museums are closed, fairs are cancelled… In this particular context, we propose you to discover, in an online version, the exhibition of the photographer Yang Wang “Not Alone in Quarantine“.

Yang Wang illustrates the daily routine of confinement, the way in which each of us has managed to cope with loneliness, to make our social relationships evolve in a limited space. Driven to introspection by this isolation, the photographer has explored the plurality of his “selves”, with which everyone can identify. Decomposing temporality, he brings together on the same image a diversity of postures where the interiors are the natural scenery of this staging of bodies and attitudes. This series is thus the humanistic, spontaneous and often humorous testimony of what could be defined as the multiplicity of our solitudes.
Castle, apartment, loft, house in the city or in the country… in France, Switzerland or Spain, these photographs have been taken since March 2020, until today…

Yang Wang (1975 -)
Yang Wang is a Franco-Chinese photographer, also a dancer emeritus, graduate of the Institute of the People’s Liberation Army of China, ballet star dancer. After an international career as a dancer, he joined the world of photography in 2006 by producing a report of the French tour “Living Dance”.

Since 2011, he dedicates himself mainly to fashion and nude photography, working with the biggest magazines such as GQ or Vogue, allowing him to develop the main subject of his artistic reflection: his relationship to the body. It is by transposing this aesthetic quest from dance to photography that he now fully exploits the possibilities of this subject that has fascinated artists since antiquity .