Pablito Zago

Street artist / Illustrator

Hailing from Avignon in the South of France, Pablito Zago is a street artist and illustrator. His work takes place not just on canvas and paper but on the walls of cities. His inspirations are primarily childhood imagery, underground comic and traditional African and Asian art. Zago is fascinated by large formats and the wide range of colours offered by spray paints. He has been experimenting with this medium for nearly ten years.

Pablito Zago’s constant curiosity ensures he is constantly attempting to redefine and renew his creative output. His drawings are often figurative and vibrant; yet he has also mastered the minimalist use of colour in abstract drawings.

For ten years, Pablito Zago has collaborated with street theatres (KompleXKapharnaüM) as a visual artist and also labels and artists from electronic music (Loud Castle, Buygore, etc). He is frequently asked to participate in municipal street art projects. Despite the passion he has for graffiti culture, his style is free from codes and clichés. He likes to describe his creations with humour as “neurotic illustrations for big kids”. His style is vibrant and graphic; sometimes creating an illusion of movement, with a hint of childlike innocence for good measure.

Pablito Zago now divides his time between working on his pictorial creations, his graphic design work within the ArtiskiK Kommando and travelling (India, Peru, Laos, Burma …), which he depicts in his illustrated books.
He is also the creator and host of a webdoc series ‘Wall Trip’ which recounts the adventures of three friends in a van who travel and meet street artists.

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