Textile sculptor, living and working in the south of France.

Anne-Sophie Gruwez was born in Champagne in 1975. Self-taught artist coming from the consulting world, she set up her studio on the Mediterranean coast in 2012. With her XXL Totems, Anne-Sophie Gruwez aims to bring positivity into our lives. Jewellery, tribal art, art brut, and more recently street art are her greatest sources of inspiration.

After studying at the Paris-Dauphine University in Finance, she began a career as an organisational consultant in Paris. In 2005, she decided to leave the consultancy world to live out her artistic passion. She became a member of the art workshops of France.

She developed a passion for the spiritual dimension of objects, tribal jewellery, carriers of good fortune, and other totems of positive energy. The infinite combination of materials and colours guides her work. She is developing even more advanced assembly techniques to create imposing wall sculptures.

Her totems today are up to four meters tall and consist of a multitude of materials: feathers, woods, shells, fabric, leather, hemp, Soubirous, seeds of all kinds, raffia, etc. Like in her earlier work, her creations now feature totems with messages carved into them.
Her totems are displayed in many collections in France and Europe, the United States, Japan as well as the rest of the world.

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