Antoine de Castellane
Painter / Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

Last 50 years retrospective of paintings 

One would think that the work of Antoine de Castellane, as a great human lover, would be made of light, levity and joy. Quite the contrary, he has taken the opposite view, by providing us a powerful and vigorous work, in which the density of the material competes with colour contrast. This visual bidding combined with thechnical mastery deliver strong messages. Indeed, through this gallery of portraits, one can find all the feelings that move a man : the passage of time, fleeting hapiness and beauty that bring to the fragility of life.

This artist has found his unity and his style in the torment. Scoot Fitzgerald used to say about this kind of revolt that things are hopeless and however that we could decide to change it.

Antoine de Castellane was born in Paris in 1934. Raised in the tradition of the great French names, between the château de Valençay and the Jesuite Colleges, he has worked in different fields before finding his personal touch. His inspiration has revealed him. During the 1960’, he has peinted and made himself known by galleries in Lyon and in Paris. This first period of creation is mainly non figurative. Antoine has always been driven by inspiration and began to peint figurative works.

His works are inhabitated by lost characters, always marked by a sensual melancholy. Sometimes, he has given the first role to nature and his trees share a soul, candour and colours expressing feelings with men. During the 1990’ he exposed his exactness structured by lines of Indian ink ; it is the « Arborescence » period. He has drawn his inspiration from men and trees, which corresponds to his lifestyle in Sologne. Then Antoine de Castellane restarted to work on oil portraits during the 2000’. The portrait appears as a landmark in his work. This works are striking because they reflect a deep and delicate expression of life.